SOLV(X) is a solutions firm, partnering with companies on critical business disciplines such as continuous improvement, data analytics, performance management, leadership development, project and process management, technology solutions, and business process services. Businesses operating in today’s environment must do more with less. Let us help you solve your (X).

We've been in your shoes

Our founders have decades of experience across a variety of industries, solving a variety of key business problems. We have a unique set of skills, solutions, and services, as well as a fierce passion for problem-solving.

We don't love the word "consultant"

We believe in being your partner - rolling up our sleeves and working hand-in-hand with your team to implement transformational solutions with the end-result in-mind.

The moment of truth

The “moment of truth” is when an employee takes action or makes a decision based on the information and training that they have been provided. How many moments of truth exist in every employee’s day? What are the ramifications if they are not equipped to excel?  We decided to do something about this. Learn more about how Engage(x) can be your X-factor.
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