Founder - Rod Leach

I bring decades of experience across various industries, offering unique and effective solutions to critical business problems. My approach is rooted in a deep passion for problem-solving and a personal commitment to each client's success.

As an advisor, I'm not just an outsider. I'm "one of you." Having been in the trenches myself, I understand the challenges you face. My journey has been marked by developing and implementing innovative solutions that have not only propelled my own success but also that of my partners. I'm here to do the same for you.

With over 30 years of solving key business issues, I've honed my expertise to craft breakthrough solutions that will empower your business to scale and surpass the expectations of your employees, clients, and shareholders.

My experience spans various industries, functions, and disciplines, offering services and solutions that are adaptable and industry-agnostic, tailored to your specific needs. If there isn’t an existing service or solution that fits your goals, I won’t force a mismatch. Instead, I'll be honest and, through my extensive partner network, will strive to connect you with the right solution.

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