Welcome to Our Referral Program!

We are thrilled to announce SOLV(X) and Humanear are combining forces to deliver best-in-class solutions to small and medium business customers. Our referral program focuses on web solutions, with plans to introduce more incentives as the program evolves.

We believe in the power of community and the value of trusted recommendations. Our referral program is designed to reward you for sharing the benefits of our web solutions with your network. By referring friends, colleagues, or business partners, you not only help their business with a best-in-class website, you will also earn a reward by doing so. Join us in spreading the word and let’s grow together!

  • A Little Background

    • Utilizing Best-in-Class Technologies: We leverage the latest and most reliable technologies in our projects.
    • Decades of Experience: With over 30 years in web development and hosting, we bring unparalleled expertise.
    • Proven Track Record: We have successfully deployed more than 200 websites.
    • Robust Hosting Services: Currently hosting over 120 websites on our secure platform.
    • Expertise in eCommerce and Integration: Specializing in eCommerce and technology platform integrations.
    • Commitment to Security and Privacy: Ensuring top-notch security and privacy for all our clients.
    • Versatile Solutions: From your first brochure website to complex eCommerce platforms, we deliver tailored solutions.
    • Exceptional Customer Retention: Maintaining less than 1% customer attrition year over year.
  • Referral Policy

    • Client Billing: Even though this is a joint venture between SOLV(X) and Humanear, SOLV(X) will process all billing.
    • Payments to Referral Partner: All payments to Referring Partner (RP) will come from SOLV(X). Commission to be paid to RP within 30 days of client payment to SOLV(X).
    • Payment Method: All commission payments to RP to be paid by check.
    • Registration: RP will need to complete registration before any commissions will be authorized.
    • Referral Method: All client referrals must be submitted on the SOLX(X) referral form to get credit for the referral and earn commission.
    • Not An Authorized Agent: RP is not authorized to use SOLV(X) or Humanear branding without written authorization, nor are they a company representative for SOLV(X) or Humanear. This is simply an agreement to reward the RP for business referrals.
    • Newsletter and Text Communication: By submitting the Referral Partner Registration form, RP is authorizing SOLV(X) and Humanear to text and email them. This includes sending them periodic newsletters (mailchimp, sendgrid, etc).
    • Payments and Taxes: SOLV(X) will pay all earned commissions to RP as 1099 income. No taxes will be withheld. SOLV(X) will follow IRS guidelines for all income reporting.
    • Exclusion: If SOLV(X) and Humanear are already engaged in a conversation with a client, there will be no referral commissions paid.
    • Scope (we will add other services to the scope as the program matures)
      • Website development for up to 12 months after initial invoice (line item on invoice)
        • Does not include
          • Additional plugin costs
          • Hosting and domain expenses
          • Any other projects outside of website development (IT services, Project Management, etc)
          • Future upgrades to the website (beyond the first year)
          • Contract labor fees for development
      • Maintenance Services for the life of the agreement (line item on invoice)
      • Commission Rates:
        • Website Development
          • Less than $1000 – $50
          • $1000 to $10,000 – 10%
          • Capped at $10,000 billed to client
        • Annual Maintenance- 10% Per year for as long as the contract with client is in place
  • Sample Work

  • Referral Partner Registration (must complete before submitting a referral)

Submit A Referral

We are looking foward to the opportunity to work with you.  Please keep in mind you must complete the Referral Registration above before we can pay you.  Please be as detailed and thorough as possible.